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Who We Are


The members and friends of Advent Lutheran Church welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, religious backgrounds, etc.  We are blessed to have members from Morton and the surrounding area.  Advent is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregation.


Advent is a family oriented church with much emphasis placed on  creating community including both adults and younger people..  This includes an intergeneratonal ministry called Family, Faith and Fellowship, Confirmation Ministry for Middle School youth, Youth mentoring program and musical groups for youth and adults.  There is something for every age!.  We also continue  to develop programs for high school, junior high and grade school children, including a well supported Sunday School program for all ages.  


Click here to see our activities for accomplishing our Faith Statement and Ministry Goals as stated below.


Our Faith Statement

Advent Lutheran Church is a gathering of believers in Christ called together by God to:

  • NUTURE our congregational family
  • SERVE the identified needs of the wider community

Our Current Ministry Goals

  • Creating Community 

    Foster trusted personal relationships throughout the congregation helping us to come to know and care for one another directly and deeply.  

  • Raising up servant leaders

    Develop enhanced and creative ways for our members to serve Christ through service and leadership at Advent.

  • Caring for our kids 

    nlist and equip parents and other adults for intentional cross generational faith nurture with children and youth.  Embrace and the conviction that ”every Christian adult is a Christian parent.”

  • Enhance Outreach  

    To improve
    and expand our outreach to families and individuals in and beyond our local communities, with the goal of including more non-members in the opportunities and activities of the congregation.




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